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Say “Ahhh!”: Dora Goes to the Doctor by Phoebe Beinstein, A&J Studios

Daughter’s age when read:2-3 yrs old

I bought my daughter this book because she would freak out at her check ups and have a crying fit when the doctor tried to examine her.  She loves Dora and over the past year she has had me read this book to her over and over.  She loves when I pretend to listen to her heartbeat or check her eyes, ears and nose.  I knew she was enjoying the book but it really helped during her 3 year check up.  When we were going there I told her she was going to  be just like Dora and we went through everything the doctor did in the book.  When her doctor did the examination she didn’t cry a single time!  Then she told me she was just like Dora.  Perfect book to pick up if you have a Dora fan who is afraid of the doctor.


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Scholastic Warehouse Sale Book Haul

The Scholastic Warehouse had a book sale going on and while it was smaller than the last we still came home with way too many books.  I foresee having to give some of these as gifts to friends with kids.  Here is what we picked up:

Curious George the Deluxe Movie Storybook

Dora’s Mystery of the Missing Shoes by Christine Ricci, Steven Savitsky

The Gift of Nothing by Patrick McDonnell

Little Green Tow Truck by Ken Wilson-Max

The Backyardigans Pirate Treasure by Justin Spelvin, Matthew Stoddart (Illustrator), McPaul Smith (Based On Work by)

If You Give a Pig a Party by Laura Joffe Numeroff, Felicia Bond (Illustrator)

Ten Shiny Snails by Ruth Galloway

Can You See What I See Cool Collections by Walter Wick

Mommy’s Little Star by Janet Bingham

Tonka Making Tracks by Kirsten Hall, Jesus Redondo (Illustrator)

I’m a Little Caterpillar by Tim Weare

Two pack including:

Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale and Rainbow Fish to the Rescue by Marcus Pfister Herbert, J Alison James (Translator)

Chicka Chicka 123 by Bill Martin Jr., Michael Sampson, Lois Ehlert (Illustrator)

Dora The Explorer It’s Sharing Day by Kirsten Larsen, Ron Zalme (Illustrator)

Dora and the Stuck Truck by Phoebe Beinstein, Robert Roper (Illustrator)

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Get Dressed With Kai-lan by Natalie Shaw (Author), Kellee Riley (Illustrator)

Daughter’s age when read: 3 yrs old

For the last three nights this one has joined Going on a Bear Hunt and various Curious George books in the nightly line up.  In fact, it was finally the book that knocked Green Eggs and Ham, the reining bed time book champ, out of the line up.  She is a huge fan of the Kai-lan TV show as I’ve mentioned before so that contributes to the interest.  It’s a cute book that talks about the different types of clothing Kai-lan wears in the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.  It’s a quick read compared to Meet Kai-lan and each of the pages that show her outfits have some sort of touch and feel aspect to it (i.e. her pajamas are fuzzy, her hood is fluffy, etc.) so this might appeal to younger children as well that like the touch and feel books.  Again, this is a great one to check out of the library and if my daughter were younger I may have bought it but now I think it may be too simplistic to keep her attention for long.  It’s perfect for bed time though because it ends with Kai-lan brushing her teeth, listening to a story and then going to sleep.

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Meet Kai-lan by Mickie Matheis (Adapter), Jason Fruchter (Illustrator), Aka Chikasawa (Illustrator)

Daughter’s age when read: Almost 3 years old

My daughter is a huge fan of the Ni Hao Kai-lan TV show and has to watch an episode every day so when I saw this one I had to pick it up for her.  I almost regretted it as since then we have had to read it at least once a day if not more often.  It is very cute though that after the first day of reading it over and over my daughter had it pretty much memorized and could “read” it to herself.  Then one day as we were watching the TV show I found out it is pretty much the same story as one of the episodes where Kai-lan wants to make her own mao zi (hat) and then have a hat parade with all her friends.  It’s a cute story and my daughter especially seems to love the part where Kai-lan’s hat flies away and Lulu has to help rescue it.  If your kids are fans of Kai-lan this is definitely a book to check out.

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