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Making Tracks by Kirsten Hall

Daughter’s age when read: 3 yrs old

When my daughter begged for me to buy this one at the Scholastic Warehouse sale I thought for sure she would end up reading it one and then we would give it to a friend with boys as a gift.  It basically is a short book that describes 4 types of trucks-the loader, bulldozer, dump truck and to truck.  So imagine my surprise when from the day we brought it home until today a week later she still asks to read it AT LEAST two times a day.  She will even forgo her third bed time book in order to read it twice before bed time.  Then yesterday she saw a dump truck on the side of the road and got really excited and started telling everyone in the car about the different kinds of trucks and how they carry dirt.  So I guess this one will be staying in our house.  Note that I don’t read it word for word because it is a little wordy.


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