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Blue Goose by Nancy Tafuri

Daughter’s age when read: 3.5 years old (also good for younger children)

If you have a child that is trying to learn their basic colors or even if they are an older child who is learning how you can combine two colors to create a third color this is a good book to pick up.  When Farmer Gray leaves the farm one day Blue Goose, White Duck, Red Hen and Yellow Chick decide to add some color to the farm.  We follow them as they paint the barn red, the sky blue and so on. Then we also watch as they mix the colors together to create greens, oranges, light blue and purple to add even more color to the farm.

My daughter loves reading this book because a) she loves the farm animals, b) she can “read” most of the book to herself as she turns the pages and can see what color each animal is going to use to paint and c) we have been working on the concept of mixing two colors together to create a third color.  She does not quite have that idea down but this book along with the Blues Clues video we periodically watch about colors is starting to sink the idea into her mind.  So if your little one is working on colors this is a great book to pick up.


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Ten Bouncing Balloons by Quinlan B. Lee

Daughter’s age when read: 3 years old

I bought this one from one of the Scholastic Warehouse sales and unfortunately cannot find an image of the cover.  It’s a wonderful book though and my daughter loves it.  I’ve had to ad lib the text a little until she got a little older (I think I bought it when she was around 2).  We have a lot of fun reading it together and I think it also helped her learn how to count down from 10 to 1.  It starts off with ten care bears and ten balloons.  There are actual raised, plastic heart balloons and after you turn each page there is one less balloon until you get to just one balloon and one care bear.  My daughter loves counting down to 1 and also practices her counting by counting the number of balloons left on each page.  If you are able to get a copy this is a fun counting book.

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Say “Ahhh!”: Dora Goes to the Doctor by Phoebe Beinstein, A&J Studios

Daughter’s age when read:2-3 yrs old

I bought my daughter this book because she would freak out at her check ups and have a crying fit when the doctor tried to examine her.  She loves Dora and over the past year she has had me read this book to her over and over.  She loves when I pretend to listen to her heartbeat or check her eyes, ears and nose.  I knew she was enjoying the book but it really helped during her 3 year check up.  When we were going there I told her she was going to  be just like Dora and we went through everything the doctor did in the book.  When her doctor did the examination she didn’t cry a single time!  Then she told me she was just like Dora.  Perfect book to pick up if you have a Dora fan who is afraid of the doctor.

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Little Giraffe by ImageBooks

Daughter’s age when read:2-3 yrs old

This is such a short book that I am sort of amazed how long it has caught my daughter’s attention.  A friend bought it for her probably around 18 months or so and to this day we are still reading it.  It’s basically about a giraffe that sees something blue and is making you guess what it could be.  It also has a little finger puppet that now occupies my daughter’s attention as she tries to figure out how to push the puppet through the hole in all the pages.  All in all a cute book but not sure why she enjoys it so much at this stage.

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Baby’s First Library Numbers by Yoyo Books

Daughter’s age when read: 12 months to present (3 yrs old)

If you saw my review of the alphabet book from Yoyo Books you know I was a big fan of it and just as impressed with the numbers book.  The pictures are engaging and my daughter enjoys going through the pages and counting each group of objects.  It’s also a book that can grow with your child as they get older.  First it helped my daughter recognize numbers, then as my daughter grew older she started being able to count the objects on each page.  Right now we are working on the pages which add and subtract objects.  She hasn’t gotten the hang of that but she still enjoys counting the items and naming what each of them are.  Another great book to add to your child’s library.

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Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boyton

Daughter’s age when read: around 18 months-2 years

This one was one of my daughter’s favorites for a long time.  Initially she loved it when she was learning about animals and the sounds they make because you see all the classic farm animals-cows, sheep, pigs, etc.  Then as time went on and she got older the tempo at which you can read the book was catchy.  She would ounce around or bop to the beat and her favorite part was the first two lines-“Clap your hands and stomp your feet…” and would do both whenever we would read this book.  Definitely one I would recommend to all parents.

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I’m A Big Sister by Joanna Cole and Rosalinda Knightly

Daughter’s age when read: 2.5 years old

We received this one as a gift when I was pregnant with our second child.  We were hoping it would help her get used to the idea of a new baby arriving.  It was a huge hit with her.  The first day we had to read it about 5 times in a row and then it became a part of her bedtime routine for probably a good month and then she still requested it sporadically for the next few months.  Our son is now 1 month old and our daughter still quotes lines from this book like “babies can’t eat ice cream or pizza”.  As for myself I thought the illustrations were wonderful and I really enjoyed the story line.  I think it’s a perfect book for those who want to prepare their daughter for a new baby.  There is also a counterpart for boys called I’m a Big Brother.

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