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Baby’s First Library Numbers by Yoyo Books

Daughter’s age when read: 12 months to present (3 yrs old)

If you saw my review of the alphabet book from Yoyo Books you know I was a big fan of it and just as impressed with the numbers book.  The pictures are engaging and my daughter enjoys going through the pages and counting each group of objects.  It’s also a book that can grow with your child as they get older.  First it helped my daughter recognize numbers, then as my daughter grew older she started being able to count the objects on each page.  Right now we are working on the pages which add and subtract objects.  She hasn’t gotten the hang of that but she still enjoys counting the items and naming what each of them are.  Another great book to add to your child’s library.


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Baby’s First Library ABC by Yoyo Books

Daughter’s age when read: Around 1 to current (3 yrs old)

We have an older edition of this book and it is wonderful.  I swear this book was one of the reasons my daughter learned her letters as young as she did.  The pictures were simple and words that interested her like balls, frogs, etc.  Til this day she still likes to go through it and we find something new to learn.  For example, on some pages there are more than one object like keys so she counts how many keys there are.  Or we go over what colors are in a picture.  It’s also a nice, sturdy book and survived a lot of abuse from my daughter.

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Counting Kisses by Karen Katz

Daughter’s age when read: 1 yr old-18 months

This is one of my favorite of Katz’s books.  I loved reading it to my daughter and would “kiss” along with the story on her feet, hands and so on.  As she grew older she really enjoyed it as well and loved pointing out each body part along with the story.  Education-wise I also found it really helped her with numbers and learning body parts.  Like I mentioned she would point out body parts and the counting repetition helped her learn to count to 10 and recognize the numbers on each page.  It starts off with ten little kisses on teeny, tiny toes and ends with one last kiss on a sleepy dreamy head.  Highly recommended!

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