Zinnia’s Flower Garden by Monica Wellington

Daughter’s age when read: 3 years old

In this book Zinnia starts planting her spring garden and watches as it grows from seeds to a garden full of flowers.  She then talks about what she does in her garden, then as fall and winter come she gathers seeds and dreams of what kind of garden she will plant next season.  Each page is like a scrapbook with a central picture and little drawings, explanations, etc going around the picture.

This is the perfect book for this time of year.  My daughter and I just recently planted strawberry, blueberry and celery plants and are watching them grow.  She has her own little watering can and she helps me weed the yard.  So we have a lot of fun going through each page of this book and talking about what is going on in the main picture as well as what the little pictures in the borders are or what the diagrams are showing.  She now knows the stages of the seed to the sprout, the plant, the bud and the flower.  We just started talking about the picture that shows the different parts of the flower.  The terms are a little technical for her to remember but she still has fun going over it.  If you have a little one that enjoys working out in the yard this is a fun book to pick up.  I think we might be referring to this one as spring and summer progresses.  My daughter has always been fascinated by how plants and trees change throughout the seasons.


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