Blue Goose by Nancy Tafuri

Daughter’s age when read: 3.5 years old (also good for younger children)

If you have a child that is trying to learn their basic colors or even if they are an older child who is learning how you can combine two colors to create a third color this is a good book to pick up.  When Farmer Gray leaves the farm one day Blue Goose, White Duck, Red Hen and Yellow Chick decide to add some color to the farm.  We follow them as they paint the barn red, the sky blue and so on. Then we also watch as they mix the colors together to create greens, oranges, light blue and purple to add even more color to the farm.

My daughter loves reading this book because a) she loves the farm animals, b) she can “read” most of the book to herself as she turns the pages and can see what color each animal is going to use to paint and c) we have been working on the concept of mixing two colors together to create a third color.  She does not quite have that idea down but this book along with the Blues Clues video we periodically watch about colors is starting to sink the idea into her mind.  So if your little one is working on colors this is a great book to pick up.


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