Hello, Robots by Bob Staake

Daughter’s age when read: 3.5 years old

This book is about four robots that live together in a house and each has their own functions like cooking, repairing steel things, gardening and cleaning. One day they are caught in the rain and that causes them to start malfunctioning. So they start cooking clocks, digging holes in the house and raking the windows. They solve the problem by swapping heads and all the robots go back to their normal functions and are happy again.

It’s a very simple book but the images are colorful. You see a depiction of what each robot does so my daughter and I will sit there at night and talk about what the robots are fixing, cleaning, cooking, etc. It makes it a fun book to read together and it branches off into things we have been doing around our house. Like in one page a robot is tending a lemon tree and at our house we have a cherry tree and just planted some strawberry plants and a blueberry bush. So my daughter talks about caring for those.  We also do the sillies like are you supposed to be cooking clocks? No! Would they taste yummy?  No!  A fun, colorful read that the little ones will really enjoy.


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