Rhyming Dust Bunnies by Jan Thomas

Daughter’s age: 3 years old

This was just one of those random books we happen to pick up from the library and I am glad my daughter chose this one.  It opens up with Ed, Ned, Ted and Bob the dust bunnies playing a rhyming game as they try to avoid the broom and vacuum that’s trying to clean them up. Only Bob notices what is going on but he is scolded by the rest of the dust bunnies because he’s not following the rhymes as he tries to warn them.

My daughter found this one hilarious and it was perfect timing because she has been on this rhyming kick.  Every day she asks me if this word rhymes with this other word over and over.  So when one dust bunny throws out a word like “car” I ask my daughter what words she thinks rhyme with it and once she gets that sound we work on recognizing what the first letter is in the rhyming words so she can sound out the words. So this has been a great learning book as well as a fun reading book.

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    Eric said,

    We love the Dust Bunnies! Whenever we see it at the library, we have to check it out!

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    […] Jan Thomas was a huge hit with both my daughter and myself (you can see some of our thoughts on it here) and now that she is really getting the hang of sounding words out I thought it might be fun to […]

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