If You’re A Monster and You Know It by Ed Emberley

Daughter’s age when read: 3 years old

This is another fun one for the preschoolers.  My daughter loves it and it gets her up-wiggling, giggling and clapping. It’s a cute take on the song If You’re Happy and You Know It but replaces it with monster-ish things like clapping your claws, stomping your paws and wiggling your warts.  Not only does it get my daughter up and moving but she’s having a great time and giggling the whole time we are reading the book.  My 6 month old has a blast when we read it because he loves to watch his sister and her crazy antics.   I will admit this is one of the few books that my daughter and I are not as into the illustrations as other books since it is such a physically involved story and the illustrations just aren’t ones I’m as interested in. They are more abstract but the bright colors did seem to catch my 6 month old’s attention.  If you want a book that is totally interactive and will have everyone laughing along this is a good one to pick up.


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    Eric said,

    We love Ed Emberley too! This is a great book. We celebrated Ed’s birthday back in October.


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