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Joey and Jet Book 1 of Their Adventure

Daughter’s age when read: 3.5 years old

This story is about Joey playing fetch with his dog Jet.  Joey throws the ball and Jet goes through the birds, over the water, around tables, in and out of holes, etc, etc. and then after catching the ball has to do all of it again to get back to Joey. And what does Joey do when Jet brings the ball back?  He throws it again!  Jet thinks to himself that a dog’s work is never done.

I have to admit at first this book seemed like a dud.  I did not browse through it at the library because it was one my daughter picked out herself and insisted we had to borrow it.  Through most of the book she just lay there and did not say much but once we got to the end and she saw the look on that poor dog’s face she started cracking up. I had to do a little bit of ad-libing too but she then thought it was hilarious.  The best part was after we had finished reading it twice and were laying in bed she started making her own stories up.  She was telling me she wanted to get in the car, go to the library, look at the books, tell grandma and grandpa goodnight again and then get back in bed.  Then she wants to do it all over again.  She also made up a story about riding an airplane across the ocean because we kept telling her that grandma and grandpa are catching an airplane home tomorrow. I think books that my daughter takes and expands on are the best ones.  So you may need to do a little extra work pepping this one up but it certainly was a hit and had my daughter chattering for quite awhile during bed time.


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If You’re A Monster and You Know It by Ed Emberley

Daughter’s age when read: 3 years old

This is another fun one for the preschoolers.  My daughter loves it and it gets her up-wiggling, giggling and clapping. It’s a cute take on the song If You’re Happy and You Know It but replaces it with monster-ish things like clapping your claws, stomping your paws and wiggling your warts.  Not only does it get my daughter up and moving but she’s having a great time and giggling the whole time we are reading the book.  My 6 month old has a blast when we read it because he loves to watch his sister and her crazy antics.   I will admit this is one of the few books that my daughter and I are not as into the illustrations as other books since it is such a physically involved story and the illustrations just aren’t ones I’m as interested in. They are more abstract but the bright colors did seem to catch my 6 month old’s attention.  If you want a book that is totally interactive and will have everyone laughing along this is a good one to pick up.

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Little Rabbit’s Christmas by Harry Horse

Daughter’s age when read: 3 yrs old

This was a cute book about Little Rabbit receiving a sled for Christmas and not wanting to share it with his friends.  After a series of events that leads to his sled breaking and his friends helping to repair it he realizes that it is better to share your toys and can be more fun than playing with it by yourself.  I think this is a book that my daughter would have to grow into.  There were too many words per page and she would lose interest so I had to summarize each page into short blurbs.  She was more interested in looking at the illustrations and making up her own story.  I have to be honest that while this was a cute story it was too long for my tastes but we may give it another try in a year or two.

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