Bless You, Santa! by Julie Sykes

Daughter’s age when read:3  years old

It’s Christmas eve and Santa’s caught a cold.  How will he ever get the toys done in time?  Luckily Santa’s cat, mouse reindeer and other animal friends put Santa in bed to recuperate and they all pitch in to make the rest of the toys.

If you are looking for a cute holiday book that will bring on the giggles then pick this one up.  My daughter apparently has a thing for sneezing characters and finds them hilarious (like in Mo Willems’ Pigs Make Me Sneeze).  She refers to this book as the Santa has the sneezes book.  The story line is very basic but the illustrations are wonderful.  Each page shows a different sneeze of what happens when Santa sneezes.  Balls fall over, stars go flying and rockets tip over.  In the end all of Santa’s helpers complete the toys and Santa is feeling better by Christmas and is able to deliver the toys around the world.  Unfortunately though the sneezes has been passed on to his friends.  The last sneeze of the book ends up with everyone covered in snow.  This is by far my daughter’s favorite page in the story as she tries to find all the animals in the snow.


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  1. 1

    Oh, I just love Julie Sykes books! Especially her Santa books. We have another one called Shhh! Santa’s coming or something along those lines. Love it!

    This one sounds so cute! Maybe because my kiddos are sick now and sneezing constantly. This would be great to make those sneezes kind of humorous (or messy depending on their mood). Great review!

  2. 2

    dsuzuki said,

    Ohh, that one sounds cute too! I’ll have to go look for it.

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