Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr.

Daughter’s age when read: 3 years old

My daughter loved this book even more than Chicka Chicka 123 and that is saying a lot since that was one of her favorites.  If you have a little one who is learning the alphabet this is a cute book to pick up.  It follows all the letters as they climb up a coconut tree.  After all the letters get up the tree they find out they are too heavy and everyone tumbles out of the tree.  She loved watching the letters climb up and the rhyming patterns were great.  She always burst out in giggles when the letters fall out with a big chicka chicka BOOM BOOM.  Then she is fascinated as the letters recover from “skinned knees” or “stubbed toes” with the cute illustrations.

My favorite part of this book and the 123 counterpart book is that on the inside covers are the alphabet in both upper case and lower case and the numbers from 1 to 100.  We go through those and it helps her on the few places she gets stuck.  (she mixes up 6 and 9 and M and W)  This also helps her with learning the lower case letters as she is used to seeing just the upper case letters.  I have a lot of fun reading this book to her and would highly suggest it.


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  1. 1

    I’ll definitely have to look into this one, because my kiddos both have the same problem of mixing the letters and numbers up. Plus the added lower case help sounds perfect! Fabulous review!

  2. 2

    Cindy said,

    I love this book! It’s so much fun to read to the kids, and you can ask them to find certain letters on pages. I highly recommend it, too.

  3. 3

    Lisa Chao said,

    The tag reading version of this book is great, as the narrator speaks in song-like rhythm.

  4. 4

    dsuzuki said,

    Danielle-hope the kiddos like it!
    Cindy-it is one of my favorites to read too.
    Lisa-We are getting Kaitlyn a Tag reader for Christmas so will have to see if this was one of the books we picked up for it.

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