I’m 3! Look What I Can Do by Maria Carluccio

Daughter’s age when read: 3 years old

This book looked so cute I had to request it from my library.  They totally rock.  They didn’t have the book but I put in a purchase request and voila!  This book is very simple but the illustrations are great and they have made a monumental change in my daughter.  We have been having a hard time getting her to sleep in her own bed but the very first page of this book is I can sleep in my bed.  So when we read this book at night my daughter tells me that she can sleep in her own bed and voluntarily goes to her own bed.  There are also other positive messages that help like I can clean up and I can hug and kiss my mom good bye at school.  So I use these pages to reinforce that she doesn’t have to cry when I drop her off at school and she shouldn’t throw temper tantrums when it’s time to clean up.

I know I’m going on and on about why I liked it but my daughter loves this book too.  She gets excited when we read things like how the girl in the book can use a fork and spoon and she can too.  My daughter loves relating the pages to her own life.  One page is about the daddy giving the girl a bath and my daughter talks about how I give her a bath instead of her daddy.  All in all I hate to return this one to the library and highly recommend it.


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    Oh my goodness! I (we) so totally need this book! (Yes, I’m from SoCal, can’t you tell? LOL)

    Anywho…I actually saw this one not too long ago and thought about asking for it from the publisher, but didn’t. Maybe I will though, because I love the idea of showing kids examples of good behavior that they latch onto. So cool about your library as well!

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