Little Green Tow Truck by Ken Wilson-Max

Daughter’s age when read: 3 years old

This book follows the little green tow truck as he responds to a red convertible that is stuck on the highway and needs a tow.  It’s full of interactive pieces like being able to turn the key to start the truck, a map that unfolds in the glove compartment and more.  My daughter is in love with this book but it takes us forever to get through it.  She has to move every single interactive piece several times and there is one page where you hook up the convertible to the tow truck.  It doesn’t work very well and is difficult to “hook up” but my daughter is always determined to do so.  This book definitely feeds into her love of trucks in general and her specific fascination with tow trucks.  My main complaint with this book is the pieces all come out very easily.  So when you are supposed to push or pull the car along the truck piece is always popping out and I have to try and fix it.


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    Jenn said,

    What are mommies for if not to fix things?

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