Picture Books in Decline?

In Friday’s edition of Shelf Awareness they posted “Has the golden age of the picture book for children passed?”.  It goes on to state that the New York Times has reported a decline in picture books and that publishers are publishing less of them.  One reason stated was that parents are pushing at a younger age for kids to read older books without pictures.  I think this is such a shame.  My daughter loves reading and definitely isn’t ready for books without pictures.  Even if she was I would not want to give up picture books completely.  She has so much fun not just reading the words but looking at the pictures, asking questions about things in the pictures and making up her own story lines.

I will admit although I do buy children’s picture books I don’t buy as many as I would like. The main reason is they are expensive!  I went to Borders to buy Scaredy Cat, Splat and it was $17.00 and I also wanted to buy We’re Going on a Bear Hunt which was $18.99!  I can’t even afford to spend that much on my books.  I did get We’re Going on a Bear Hunt using a Borders coupon but with my husband being laid off we can’t afford to do that often.  Still I was disappointed to hear about the decline in picture books.  What are your thoughts about this?


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    I am right there with you! I could never give up picture books entirely, ever. Even when the kids get older I think I may keep up with them, because I frankly think I’m addicted. LOL

    But really, I was appalled by this dumb article. I read the entire thing and it just made me so angry, because it didn’t seem the reporter took into account anything other than one statistic that said sales were down without taking into account the economy or where they were compared to decades ago. There really were so many things wrong with it, I could go on for ages.

    For me, it’s the same problem you have. We live on such a tight budget and $15 for a book that could possibly be ripped in half at some point is just too much often. I try to buy locally as best I can, but admittedly I buy quite a few of my kids books used or from discount stores. I just do the best I can and make sure my kids have great books to read. 🙂

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