Ten Shiny Snails by Ruth Galloway

Daughter’s age when read: 3 years old

I’ve been slowly doling out the books we picked up at the Scholastic Warehouse book sale.  I pulled this one out last week to occupy my daughter during my brother’s wedding.  It quickly became the book she refers to as “my favorite”. Usually that means even if she has already picked out her three books to read at bed time this one must make it in somehow because “it’s my favorite, you have to read it!”  It reminds me of the Care Bears bouncing balloon book as it has 10 raised snails on the pages and each page has one less snail.  It follows the ten snails as they go through the forest and encounter all the animals that live there before returning to their home in the flower pots.  It’s a very cute book and introduced a couple new animals to my daughter.


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