We’re Off to Find the Witch’s House by Richard Krieb

Daughter’s age when read: 3 years old

It’s October and of course that means Halloween is just around the corner.  I thought it would be great to get my daughter introduced to the idea of Halloween by reading some Halloween themed books.  I don’t think last year she really understood what Halloween was so maybe it will make more sense to her this year.

This was our first book and it’s about a group of children who set out on a journey to find the witch’s house and all the ghouls they encounter along the way.  Will they be brave enough to make it to the witch’s house?

I had just skimmed this one when looking through Borders Halloween display and decided to get it.  I’ll admit on first read I was not that impressed and thought my daughter would not enjoy it but it definitely grew on me as my daughter had me read it for the 10th time in one night.  She even started trying to read along with me.  The cutest part was when the children encounter the mummy and my daughter does not get that it’s “mummy” and not “mommy” so she keeps laughing that the mommy’s (mummy’s) sock is coming off when she seems the mummy’s costume starts unraveling on the mummy’s foot.  By the 10th, 12th or 15th read she finally started saying the “Trick or Treat” part so I’m curious to see if by Halloween she will say it if we take her out trick or treating.


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    This sounds adorable! Isn’t it funny how kids can really change your mind about a book? I’ve had a couple of books like that. One was Over At The Castle by Boni Ashburn, I loved the illustrations, but hated the writing. After my son made us read it over and over again it grew on me. Now I completely love it!

    I can’t wait for Halloween this year! My son’s in the same situation and hopefully going to be enjoying it for the first time. I may have to pick this one up to get him even more interested. Thanks for the great review!

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    dsuzuki said,

    Yeah, this book has totally grown on me and I actually really like it now. Each time we read it I notice something new about it and my daughter asks more questions. I hope your son enjoys Halloween. I’m not sure what costume we will end up with.

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