I Love My New Toy! by Mo Willems

Daughter’s age when read: 3 years old

This is the second book we have read in the Piggie and Elephant series.  I went to Half Priced Books to find Can I Play Too? book but they did not have that one so my daughter picked this one up.  In this one Piggie has a new toy but doesn’t know what it does.  Elephant thinks maybe it’s a throwing toy and it ends up breaking when it lands.  While they are crying Squirrel comes by and mentions that it’s a break and snap toy that you can pull apart and put together again.

While my daughter was not as fanatic about reading this one as she was Can I Play Too? she still enjoys it and we have been reading it pretty much every day since we bought it.  I have to admit of the three other Mo Willems books we looked at this wasn’t the one I was expecting her to pick but it is a cute story.  Mo Willems is definitely becoming one of my favorite children’s books authors.


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    It’s so funny that she likes Can I Play Too? more than this one, because my son is just the opposite. Though, he definitely can’t get enough of either! Mo Willems is just amazing to me, it’s not that the books are flashy or even have amazing illustrations (they aren’t bad at all), but he just “gets” kids. It’s great!

    I’m so happy she loves this series as much as we do! They are so much fun!

  2. 2

    I’ll have to keep an eye out. We tried Cat the Cat Who is That, but Boo wasn’t interested at all and I must admit to not being impressed either. But since I keep hearing how amazing Mo Willems is from people who generally know what they’re talking about kidlit-wise (i.e. you, Danielle, etc), we’ll have to try one of these.

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    dsuzuki said,

    LOL. Funny how different kids love different books. I’m getting ready to write a review on Pigs Make Me Sneeze. She loved that one too.
    Sam-You should try the Piggie and Elephant series. We just got a Sheep the Sheep book and Kaitlyn didn’t care for that one as much. So far she’s really liked the 4 or 5 Piggie ones we got.

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