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Ten Bouncing Balloons by Quinlan B. Lee

Daughter’s age when read: 3 years old

I bought this one from one of the Scholastic Warehouse sales and unfortunately cannot find an image of the cover.  It’s a wonderful book though and my daughter loves it.  I’ve had to ad lib the text a little until she got a little older (I think I bought it when she was around 2).  We have a lot of fun reading it together and I think it also helped her learn how to count down from 10 to 1.  It starts off with ten care bears and ten balloons.  There are actual raised, plastic heart balloons and after you turn each page there is one less balloon until you get to just one balloon and one care bear.  My daughter loves counting down to 1 and also practices her counting by counting the number of balloons left on each page.  If you are able to get a copy this is a fun counting book.


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Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Daughter’s age when read: 3 years old

I actually bought this book over a year ago because a friend said her daughter loved it but it was too old to interest my daughter then.  She pulled it out again recently and she really enjoys it now.  The story is about Little Pea, what he likes to do and how he is force to eat his dinner of candy which he hates in order to get his dessert of spinach.  My daughter found it funny that Little Pea doesn’t like candy and that spinach is his favorite food.

This is definitely a fun book for kids at least 3 years old and the illustrations are great.  I also like the fact that it emphasizes that veggies are yummy and hopefully would encourage kids to eat them.

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I Will Surprise My Friend! by Mo Willems

Daughter’s age when read: 3 years old

This is yet another Piggie and Elephant book we picked up at the library.  Piggie and Elephant see two squirrels surprising each other and having a ton of fun.  They decide they want to surprise each other too but things do not go quite as planned.

To be honest while this one is cute it’s not one of my favorites but my daughter does enjoy it.  I really have to act out the scenes to make her laugh though and I think that is the main reason she likes it.  I think as she gets older and she understands more of what is going on she is going to enjoy this one a lot more.  We attended a wedding this weekend and this book was a life saver.  During the reception we read it over and over to keep my daughter and 4 year old niece occupied.

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Pigs Make Me Sneeze! by Mo Willems

Daughter’s age when read: 3 years old

Mo Willems does it again.  I just picked this up from the library and my daughter loves it!  Gerald starts sneezing when Piggie comes to see him to play.  He thinks he is allergic to pigs since he can’t stop sneezing.  In the end it turns out he just has a cold.  My daughter loved when we were doing the sneezing pages and watch Piggie getting blown away by the sneezes.  My husband said he could hear our daughter laughing on the other side of the house.  We read it 5 times last night and she asked for it again this morning.  Out of the three Mo Willems books we picked up from the library this was definitely the favorite.  It makes the perfect story time book in my opinion as the parent/reader can act out a lot of it for the amusement of kids.

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What We Are Reading

Made another trip to the library and this is what we picked up today:

Description from The books feature two lovable and funny characters: an optimistic (and sometimes reckless) pig and a cautious, pessimistic elephant.  Children who sat on their parents’ laps to have Pigeon read to them will eagerly take the plunge with these books to start reading on their own.  Each book has been vetted by an early learning specialist.  These sweet and surprising stories are a much-needed breath of fresh air in the early reader arena. In I Will Surprise My Friend!, Gerald and Piggie want to play a game and surprise each other-but the biggest surprise is the one they least expect.

Description from Mo Willems’ award-winning Elephant and Piggie series continues to charm readers. Featuring two lovable and funny characters — an optimistic (and sometimes reckless) pig and a cautious, pessimistic elephant — these books make reading irresistible to the beginning readers.  Children who sat on their parents’ laps to have Pigeon read to them will eagerly take the plunge with these books to start reading on their own.

Each book has been vetted by an early learning specialist (and many adorable early learners).

In Pigs Make Me Sneeze!, Gerald believes he is allergic to his best friend! Will he have to stay away from Piggie forever?

Description from Join spunky Cat the Cat as she introduces the very youngest readers to her world, where a surprise is waiting in every book.

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I Love My New Toy! by Mo Willems

Daughter’s age when read: 3 years old

This is the second book we have read in the Piggie and Elephant series.  I went to Half Priced Books to find Can I Play Too? book but they did not have that one so my daughter picked this one up.  In this one Piggie has a new toy but doesn’t know what it does.  Elephant thinks maybe it’s a throwing toy and it ends up breaking when it lands.  While they are crying Squirrel comes by and mentions that it’s a break and snap toy that you can pull apart and put together again.

While my daughter was not as fanatic about reading this one as she was Can I Play Too? she still enjoys it and we have been reading it pretty much every day since we bought it.  I have to admit of the three other Mo Willems books we looked at this wasn’t the one I was expecting her to pick but it is a cute story.  Mo Willems is definitely becoming one of my favorite children’s books authors.

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Say “Ahhh!”: Dora Goes to the Doctor by Phoebe Beinstein, A&J Studios

Daughter’s age when read:2-3 yrs old

I bought my daughter this book because she would freak out at her check ups and have a crying fit when the doctor tried to examine her.  She loves Dora and over the past year she has had me read this book to her over and over.  She loves when I pretend to listen to her heartbeat or check her eyes, ears and nose.  I knew she was enjoying the book but it really helped during her 3 year check up.  When we were going there I told her she was going to  be just like Dora and we went through everything the doctor did in the book.  When her doctor did the examination she didn’t cry a single time!  Then she told me she was just like Dora.  Perfect book to pick up if you have a Dora fan who is afraid of the doctor.

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