A Fish Out of Water by Helen Palmer

Daughter’s age when read: 3 years old

I have a confession to make about this book.  My daughter enjoyed it but I tried to hide it after the first week or so until I could return it to the library.  First off I couldn’t stand the story and found it so boring to read.  Secondly I normally let her choose 3 books to read at bed time and at 72 pages this one took forever!  It’s basically about a boy who doesn’t listen and feeds his fish too much.  So the fish grows and grows getting too large for his bowl, pots, bath tubs, etc.  I am glad that after returning this one we had plenty of other books that caught her attention.  Maybe others would enjoy it and have the time to read through it at bed time but it was not for me.  Especially since we haven’t really introduced the idea of only reading part of a book per night yet.  Most of the ones we read are short enough not to need to do so.


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