Corduroy by Don Freeman

Daughter’s age when read: 3 yrs old

This is a classic story that I recall enjoying when I was little so every time I came across it at the Scholastic warehouse sales I was tempted to pick it up but never did.  After borrowing it from the library I’m glad I didn’t.  It didn’t capture my daughter’s attention at all.  In fact, she lost interest before we even reached the end of the book.  I think she may be a little young for it so I will probably try again in a year or two.  The story is a cute one about a stuffed bear in a department store who is waiting to be taken home by a child.  It follows his adventures in the department store as he tries to find his lost button to make himself more appealing to buyers.  I hope one day my daughter comes to enjoy it as much as I did but at 3 yrs old it’s not meant to be for now.


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